Thursday, December 11, 2014

Keep it cute, keep it comfy, keep it cheap - Winter Family Picture Edition

Little man wears:
Red gingham button down shirt: Ralph, Marshall's, $19 (SPLURGE)...
but in my mind, red doubles as Christmas and NC State!  :)
Sweater:  Gymboree, Consignment Sale (NEW WITH TAGS!), $10
Pants:  Wonder Kids, consignment sale, $2
Shoes:  Pediped, consignment store (accounted for in a previous post)
Total outfit: $31

Baby girl wears:
Red turtleneck: j. Khaki, Consignment Store (NEW WITH TAGS!), $2
Fur vest: Baby Gap, Consignment store, $1.75
Pants:  Wonder Kids, consignment sale, $2
Shoes:  accounted for in a previous post
Total outfit: $5.75

Mama wears:
Layering top: No brand, yard sale, $1
Poncho sweater:  Forever 21, online, $30 (SPLURGE!!)
Jeans:  J.Brand, gift (thanks Mom & Dad, best gift!!)
Boots:  unbranded, Sears, $9 (STEAL!)
Bracelets:  J. Crew (gifted)
Total outfit:  $40

Photo shoot clothing expenditure for three:  $76.75
Memories:  PRICELESS!  :)

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  1. You are absolutely remarkable and beautiful at the same time. Gorgeous picture!!