Saturday, November 29, 2014

Keep it cute, keep it comfy, keep it cheap - Thanksgiving edition

Counting my greatest blessings!!

 Little man wears:
Long sleeve shirt & vest: Tea, consignment sale, $10
Pants:  The Bailey Boys, consignment sale, $2.50
Shoes:  Pediped, consignment store (accounted for in a previous post)
Total outfit: $12.50

Mama wears:
Tunic:  Umgee, consignment store, $10
Tank Top:  Forever 21, $4
Pants:  Converse, Target, $8
Shoes:  Old Navy, $20
Total outfit:  $42

Baby girl wears:
Dress: Matilda Jane, NWT, consignment sale, $18
Long sleeve top:  The Children's Place, yard sale, $1
Tights:  Consignment sale, $0.50
Shoes (not pictured): Gymboree, consignment store, $8
Total outfit: $27.50 (shoes, including shoes)

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