Thursday, November 27, 2014

Keep it cute, keep it comfy, keep it cheap: play clothes edition

Little man wears:
Long sleeve shirt: Ralph Lauren, consignment sale, $3
Pants:  Kelly's Kids, ebay, $5
Jacket:  Mini Boden, hand-me-down, $0
Shoes: (not pictured), Pediped, accounted for in previous post
Total outfit: $8

Baby girl wears:
Embroidered tee: consignment store, $3
Leggings:  Gymboree, hand-me-downs, $0
Jacket:  Le Top, yard sale, $1
Boots:  Children's Place, yard sale, $1 (at this age, when they are barely worn, just throw them in the wash, and then wipe them out with a clorox wipe and you're good to go!)
Total outfit: $5

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