Monday, January 19, 2015

Keep it cute, keep it comfy, keep it cheap: Love on big brother edition

This was just a casual day at home this Fall.  Holden was having a rough day (can you tell by his face?)  Poor little man...  :(  But going outside and just sitting in the stroller and being left alone seemed to help a bunch... after about 30 minutes, he felt much better and joined us in outdoor fun!  #AutismAwareness

Little man wears:
Top:  Naartjie, yard sale, $0.33
Pants:  Naartjie, yard sale, $0.33
Shoes:  New Balance, yard sale, $0.33 (at this age, when you find shoes that are pratically new, from a clean home, just throw them in the wash and them wipe them out with a clorox wipe and you're good to go!  Just be selective!!  And look for "like new"!)
Total outfit (including shoes):  $1

Sweet little sister wears:
Top:  Naartjie, yard sale, $2
Pants:  Hanna Andersson, consignment store, $3
Shoes:  boutique, consignment sale, $1
Total outfit (including shoes):  $6

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