Saturday, October 18, 2014

Autism Insurance Reform in North Carolina

In July 2014, it occurred to me that although Holden and I had visited the Legislative Offices in Raleigh many times, Harper had never joined us.  The reason was quite straight forward... taking one child office to office was challenging enough... two children?!?!  Who would do that!!  ;)  But then it occurred to me that while it might be more "manageable" to just take Holden with me as we visited Senator after Senator, Legislator after Legislator, I was doing an injustice to the cause.  Yes, I might be showing these elected officials what it is like to walk around with a 3 year old with autism, but let's face it... when am I ever walking around with "just one child".  So... in an effort to put a real face to what our day looks like, I decided to do what I do best (and what makes me happiest!) and bring both babies to Raleigh! 

I won't lie.. while I often carry one on my back and carry the other in my arms, I was only used to doing that for a festival, an outing or simply accomplishing chores around the house... over the course of that entire first day, where I was wearing one or the other on my back and more often than not carrying the other in my arms, I was sweating profusely, my hips were killing me, I was wondering how my legs were still moving because I felt like they were losing feeling... and I couldn't find a darn thing in what I thought was my "well packed bag"!  But, I hope that we were true to our story.  At that time, that is truly what it looked like if we ventured out and about as a family of three... and that includes the times that Holden scratched my face and pulled my hair.  Here he is showing his frustration towards Lorri Unumb.
This is autism folks, and this is why we need Early Intervention Services!!!!

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