Saturday, October 18, 2014

Autism Insurance Reform in North Carolina

I have been asking you over and over and over again to reach out to your Senators on behalf of Holden! So... in gratitude for all that you are doing, I wanted to share a bit about what Autism Insurance Reform in NC means to our family. We are so blessed that Holden is currently receiving Early Intervention services at ABC of NC Child Development Center. But in less than two years, Holden will age out of that program. And while I have always been a huge supporter of public school education, I can tell you with absolute certainty that (at this very moment), Holden is not a candidate for the public school system. Were Holden to be placed into the public school system, all resources and hands would be spent simply "containing" and "managing" him. There would be no time or energy left for meeting any educational goals. The only current option in my mind is to keep him at the ABC School beyond the Early Intervention Program. And to the best of my understanding, that will cost somewhere between $40-$60K, a year. Being a single mom, I have to assume that that cost will fall solely on me. Knowing that my previous career in advertising/marketing isn't an option for me as a single mom (due to the demanding schedule), I am currently in the process of researching degrees that I can pursue over the next year and a half that would allow me to pay for Holden to continue receiving services at the ABC School and still be home with my kids at the end of the day... still knowing that I would need to continue my ebay store in my "downtime" to enable us to meet our normal living expenses. My only other option is to move to one of the 37 other states that have already implemented Autism Insurance Reform, but that isn't really even an option, as it would require, yet another, lengthy legal battle in order for us to move out of state. However, if Autism Insurance Reform is passed in North Carolina (as it stands), up to $36K of Holden's therapy would be covered by insurance!!!! THAT IS HUGE!!! And, THAT, my friends is why I am BEGGING for your support. So, friends, I apologize for over-sharing, but I hope you can see why we are so desperate for this Insurance Reform, and why your support means so very much to us! Please make those phone calls and please help us pass Autism Insurance Reform in North Carolina! Thank you so much!!!

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