Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Birthday to you, my sweet, precious "2"!!!

Pictures will have to wait, but I just have to tell you all exactly how TWO YEAR OLD HARPER celebrated today... we got mommy / daughter pedicures (her first!), followed by a stop at Trader Joe's to pick up cupcakes (which also included a sample, a sucker, stickers and a courtesy bouquet of yellow tulips... thank you Trader Joe's!), a stop at Party City for a "present" (i.e. Harper got to choose a 25 cent party favor for herself and brother while I picked up cupcake toppers for her party), lunch at Tripps (definitely not mommy's favorite, but we chose a place where they would sing "Happy Birthday"... and she loved it!), followed by... three rides on the carousel, some fun time on the lawn mower at the mall, a cupcake at Gigi's, joining brother's classroom for art time and snack time and then meeting Samuel at the playground for some more playtime. AND... this TWO YEAR OLD just fell asleep in her toddler bed for the very first time!!! All in ONE day! I am very, very afraid!!  Happy Birthday, sweet girl. PLEASE SLEEP WELL TONIGHT!!!  :)

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