Thursday, October 16, 2014

Co'me Holden! Holden, co'me!

Holden & Harper were entertaining themselves fairly well tonight, so I was slightly distracted (in the same room) packaging and shipping ebay purchases, and I hear: (Harper): "co'me Holden! Holden, co'me! co'me Holden! Holden, co'me!" (she was trying to say "come here, Holden! Holden, come here!") I look up to see Harper chasing Holden around the room with a tube of lotrimin. She had taken the top off and was apparently ready to administer his "anti-itch medicine" to him... she just had the wrong thing! (In her defense, the lotrimin tube does look quite similar to his prescription tube!) Luckily... he was running from her! I explained to her that mommy is the only one that puts medicine on Holden. She nodded like she understood, and then a few seconds later I hear, "co'me Holden! Holden, co'me! co'me Holden! Holden, co'me!" I turn around and she was chasing him around with the desitin, cap already off. What a sweet little mama (who didn't have her listening ears on!) and what a very understanding big brother!  Apparently the diaper station needs to be on lock-down now, too, not just the medicine cabinet!

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